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THF Horizontal Froth Pumps

    Size: 2" to 14"
    Capacity: 50-3150 m3/h
    Head: 5-65 m
    Materials: Hyper chrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, Ceramic, Stainless steel etc.

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  • Product Description

Tobee® Horizontal Froth Pumps are designed to handle heavy froth. A large oversized inlet with a unique impeller inducer blade handles heavy froth and higher viscosity dense slurries with ease. The horizontal froth pumps has proven valuable for very dense slurries where viscosity starts to become a pumping issue for the standard slurry pumps.

Design Features:

• Heavy duty construction with through-bolt design provides ease of maintenance and less down time.
• Ductile iron fully lined casing provides durability, strength and long service life.
• Large diameter, slow turning, high efficiency impellers maximize wear life and lower TOC.
• Large, open internal passages reduce internal velocities maximizing wear life resulting in lower operating costs.
• Unique impeller design for most difficult froth applications.
• Thick elastomer or metal bolt-in liners provide superior corrosion resistance plus offer ease of liner change-out and inter mixability to reduce over all maintenance costs and maximize wear life.
• Minimal shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection and increases packing life.
• Cartridge-style bearing assembly allows for maintenance in a clean environment without removal of the pump, resulting in reliable operation and prolonged bearing life.
• Standard TH can be converted by replacing cover plate, throat bush and impeller.
• Full flush, low flow or dry running centrifugal seals minimize water usage and operating costs.

Tobee® THF Froth Pumps Structural Design:

Warman AHF Froth Pumps Drawing

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* Tobee® THF horizontal forth pumps and spares are only interchangeable with Warman® AHF horizontal froth pumps and spares.

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